27 Jun. 2022

Some books for the summer: Gilles Guennec

This summer Gilles Guennec, our District Saint Germain agency negotiator, will have his nose in Japanese literature.

The 47 Rônin” by OSARAGI Jirô

  • Written in 1929, “The 47 Rônin” by OSARAGI Jirô is based on the true story of 47 lordless samurai who, in the 18th century, avenged the death of their Master. Gilles is passionate about Japanese cinema, particularly films by MIZOGUCHI Kenji and KUROSAWA Akira, and reading this 1000-page book is a challenge he’ looking forward to.

“A Sandwich at Ginza” by HIRAMATTU Yoko and TANIGUCHI Jiro

Changing tack, “A Sandwich at Ginza” by HIRAMATTU Yoko and TANIGUCHI Jiro is an introduction to Japanese cuisine illustrated by Mangaka TANIGUCHI Jiro, author of “The Solitary Gourmet”, while NOSAKA Akiyuki’s heartbreaking “Grave of the Fireflies” tells the story of a brother (the author) and his little sister as American bombs rained down in 1945.

  • A big reader, I devour 6 to 8 books a month.
  • Often American thrillers by:


so this summer I’m looking forward to opening new horizons.

Research shows that if we stop reading, we become less complex, less compassionate, less interesting. A good reason to keep on, don’t you think?”

Gilles Guennec / District Saint Germain

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