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Lessor’s guide

Real estate lessor guide

Located in prestigious districts such as the Ile Saint Louis, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Champ de Mars, the Golden Triangle and Parc Monceau, our five agencies are solidly established throughout the capital and our teams look forward to assisting you in the rental of your apartment.

Choosing a tenant is a fundamental step in the rental process.

Although it is naturally essential to meticulously study an application file, it is also very important that the lessor provides a clear and exhaustive dossier.

1. The owner must provide the following documents (in order to precisely fix the rent and charges):

  • Identity documents
  • Title or deed of ownership
  • The last annual statement of charges (in which the rental charges are mentioned).
  • The latest property tax return (in order to include household refuse tax in the charges).
  • The last rental contract (in order to apply the latest rent that was charged).

2. And the “DDT” (Technical Diagnostics Dossier):

When renting an apartment or property (furnished or unfurnished, as a main or secondary residence, for a long or short term), all landlord-owners must provide their tenant with the technical diagnostic dossier when signing the lease contract. The aim is to best inform the tenant in order to satisfactorily come to a rental agreement.  Diagnostics must therefore be carried out beforehand, ideally before the apartment or property is advertised.


These include:

  • The living area of the accommodation (sometimes referred to as the “Boutin law” living area) must be indicated for any furnished or unfurnished rental contract for residential use..
  • The state of natural, mining and technological risks (ERNMT) which indicates whether the accommodation is located (or not) within a perimeter exposed to one or more risks; this diagnosis is valid for 6 months, and must be updated.
  • The energy performance certificate (DPE) which provides information regarding thermal insulation, as well as foreseeable heating costs; this has a 10-year validity.
  • The risk of exposure to lead (CREP) which indicates whether elements and notably paint in the accommodation contain lead or not. This  relates only to properties for residential use built before January 1, 1949; the diagnosis has a 6-year validity.
  • The asbestos diagnosis, which indicates the presence or absence of asbestos (in flocking, insulation, false ceilings, pipes, walls, partitions, etc.), This is not required to be attached to the rental contract as an annex. It must however be made available to the tenant, upon request. As such, the asbestos diagnosis is, in practice, imperative.
  • The state of the internal electricity and gas installation which assesses any risks that may endanger the safety of persons living in the accommodation. These diagnostics have been applicable since July 2017.

3. You shall benefit from marketing tools including:

  • Our website, updated daily, translated into 4 languages and present on the main search engines.
  • Extensive sharing of advertisements with other websites not only in France (including Belles Demeures, Explorimmo, Accommodation, Le Figaro properties, Lux Résidence, Logic immo, Résidence immobilier…) but also abroad (Luxury Real Estate, Green Acres, Luxury Estate…).

4. We benefit from an extensive portfolio of potential quality candidates with solid guarantees.

5. Our advertisements are detailed, well-written and visually attractive.

A professional photographer will visit your property in order to present it in its best light.

These means allow us to submit rapidly complete application files for your apartment or property. The final choice of a tenant is yours.

6. We shall subsequently draw up your dossier:

  • Drafting  the rental contract.
  • Drafting details regarding deposits as well any special conditions.
  • Drawing up the inventory and statement of state an repair for both the entry into and exit from the apartment.

For apartments rented furnished, an inventory of furniture and equipment room by room shall be requested from the landlord, or shall be drawn up by us.

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