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Tenant’s guide

Documents to be provided for the creation of the file

1. For the tenant(s) and the guarantor(s):  

  • Copy of identity card (both sides) 
  • Bank certificate 
  • Last 3 payslips (these documents must serve as proof of a monthly income equivalent to a minimum of THREE TIMES the amount of the rent charges included) 
  • Last 2 tax notices (4 pages) 
  • Employer certificate (specifying the date of entry into the company, the job and a note mentioning that you are not serving a notice period) 
  • Copy of the employment contract or copy of the student card 
  • Last 3 rent receipts in case of the tenant, or last property tax in case of the owner. 

2. For students

Copy of ID card / Bank certificate / Photocopy of student card and educational institution and / or attestation of attendance / Joint and several guarantee of the parents who must provide the documents indicated above (as the case may be).  

3. Special cases

Documents in addition to those requested above, for tenant(s) and guarantor(s). 

For business people:  

Excerpt from the company and trade register / Balance sheet of the previous financial year / last 3 tax notices. 

For independent professionals: 

Last three Tax Notices (2042) / Income Tax Return (2035). 

For companies: 

  • Kbis of the company (company registration certificate) 
  • Articles of association of the Company  
  • Identity card of the manager and / or signatory 
  • Authorisation of the manager or the CEO for the signature 
  • Last Balance Sheet 
  • RIB (Bank details) 

Documents to be provided on the day of signing the contract

Certificate of insurance taken out for the housing. 

Payment to be made on the day of signing the contract

Deposit (Equivalent to: 1 month’s rent excluding charges for unfurnished housing. 2 months’ rent excluding charges for a furnished housing). 

Branch commission: 

Main housing: limit (12 €/m² for the file, visit, drafting) + (3 €/m² initial schedule of conditions) + End of tenancy inspection fees to be shared by the lessor and the tenant. 

Secondary housing / Company lease: 1 month’s rent including charges (unfurnished or furnished apartment) 

Rent of the first month. 

Note: in the case of payment by bank transfer: Transfers must be made in advance and the copy of the transfer order must be provided. 

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