05 Aug. 2022

How to make your first real estate purchase a success

reussir son premier achat immobilier

A first real estate purchase is a major step in life, and often determines how future projects take shape. Do you want to take the plunge? District Immobilier is by your side to make your first real estate purchase a success!

Take your time before deciding

You are putting the wheels in motion and probably overflowing with enthusiasm…this is totally normal and a pretty good sign. Hold your horses though, taking time before deciding is essential to give yourself the chance of making your first real estate purchase a success. Establish a search perimeter, precisely define your criteria and find out about prices in the neighbourhood. Are you in a couple? Sit down and clearly define what you really want and need.

Ask the right questions

Here are some factors you should discuss:

  • What is your all-inclusive budget? (property tax, possible co-ownership charges, etc.).
  • You’ve found a favorite, but what about the neighbourhood?
  • Does the asset require work? Get quotes which could enter into a negotiation.
  • What are must-haves? Draw up a list and decide what you could compromise on.
  • What’s the future for this first purchase? Do you plan to resell it or rent it in the long term? Although this first investment is very much in the present, don’t forget the medium and long term.

Call on professionals

A first real estate investment is a long-term commitment and nothing should be taken lightly.

 With District Immobilier at your side, benefit from our thorough knowledge of the market and its prices.

Consider all costs to determine your budget

When calculating the cost of your purchase, don’t forget you will still need cash for essentials such as energy bills, food and leisure activities!

Finding the right financing

Finding the right financing is an essential point for a successful first real estate purchase. To finance the purchase, don’t hesitate to call on a broker, a real estate professional who shall accompany you throughout your credit search.

With District Immobilier, make your first real estate purchase a success!

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