17 Aug. 2022

How to invest in real estate?

comment investir dans immobilier

With real estate resisting against all odds the current health and economic crisis, you may wish to buy an asset, make a rental investment or invest your savings via other means such as an SCPI or crowdfunding? Follow our guide and find out how to invest in real estate.

Investing for personal use

Buying a main residence or a secondary residence, both intended to be occupied by the owner, is the most classic investment.

Before embarking on the purchase of your main residence in particular, don’t forget that notary fees alone will represent about two years rent. Add to this property tax and possible costs for work which you didn’t pay as a tenant.

In short, make sure you are financially stable before taking the plunge, and don’t plan to buy and resell in the short term or you won’t cover your costs.

Lots of conditions, but if you are lucky enough to get the green light, the joy of living somewhere that belongs to you and where you can do what you want is worth the hassle.

Do you own your main residence and are planning to acquire a secondary residence? If you can afford it, go for it!

Depending on where you buy, you could have the option of seasonal rental to offset some or all of the credit, and enjoy it the rest of the year.

How to invest in buy to rent?

Investing in real estate to be let makes it possible to finance the purchase of one or more assets with the rent generated.

However, becoming a landlord requires getting involved in the management of your asset, with profitability a fundamental notion.

Other methods include the SCPI (real estate investment companies) which were launched some forty years ago, as well as more recent schemes such as crowdfunding.

With real estate more than ever a safe bet, why not pay us a visit to discuss your project together?

In a field with so many options, your first step should be to contact the experts – District Immobilier – to define what is best for you!

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