29 Nov. 2022

The Art Deco style in Paris: its history and its codes

Art Deco architecture, which appeared as early as 1910 in the capital and peaked during the 20’s and 30’s, stands out from Paris’s predominantly Haussmannian buildings.

Minimalist and highlighting geometric shapes and symmetry, it also contrasts with the nature-inspired Art Nouveau style.

How to recognize the Art Deco style? 

  • No right angles: as far as corner buildings are concerned, you will never see right angles on an Art Deco building. Angles are cut, and occasionally curved.
  • Bow windows: sticking out from the facade, their purpose was to increase luminosity and perfect the symmetry of the building. Numerous forms exist.
  • A variety of building materials: there is not one single preferred material for Art Deco buildings, they can be built in concrete, freestone or brick, and occasionally a combination.
  • Ironwork: similar to the Art Nouveau style, grilles, balconies and railings feature motifs, but Art Deco is nonetheless more simplistic.

Which Art Deco style buildings in Paris are among the most notable? 

  • Le Théâtre des Champs Elysées
  • Le Casino de Paris
  • The Folies Bergères

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