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Silly-Gallieni : the Seine as a guiding thread.


The Silly-Gallieni neighbourhood occupies the western part of Boulogne-Billancourt. To the north, its limits are marked by Route de la Reine while to the west, the Seine forms a natural barrier bordered by Quai Alfonse Le Gallo. To the south, the district is separated from Billancourt-Rives de Seine by Avenue du Général Leclerc. Two bridges cross the Seine and connect the Silly-Gallieni district to the left bank of the river: Pont de Saint Cloud and Pont de Sèvres. To the east, the streets of Billancourt and Paul Bert as well as Avenue André Morizet mark the limits of the neighbourhood.

Quartier Silly Gallieni - Boulogne Billancourt


The Silly-Gallieni district revolves around Rue Gallieni, formerly known as Rue de la Plaine, which runs through the area from east to west. It was first used as a royal hunting ground, because the sandy, even swampy, character of its land prevented its agricultural exploitation. It experienced its first expansion from the 18th century when many launderers from other areas of Boulogne settled there, no longer having room in their neighbourhood of origin. Since then, Silly-Gallieni became an essential family-friendly residential area.

Cultural sites

  • Sainte-Thérèse Church : Built between 1925 and 1940, this church displays the originality of a modern place of worship. Inside, the pieces of art are mainly by a Franco-Polish artist, Jean Lambert-Rucki, whose works can also be found in the Musée des Années Trente on Avenue André-Morizet.


Local landmarks

  • The former Thomson headquarters : Located just a stone’s throw from Le Gallo stadium on the Seine banks, this huge building bears witness to the heyday of the industrial era in the Silly-Gallieni district. Erected in 1927 by the architect Adolphe Bocage, it was renovated in 2013 and has a very modern roof whose shades of colour change with the sun.



  • Mail du maréchal Juin : It is one of the largest green spaces in Boulogne-Billancourt. Adjoined by the Farman garden, it covers 2.2 hectares and constitutes the green lung of Silly-Gallieni. The Fête des Cigales (Cicada Festival), which is organised every year in the neighbourhood, often takes place there. Its high hill offers a pleasant view of the Farman garden. It is thus a walking area for everyone in the heart of the district.
  • Square des frères Farman : This green space pays tribute to three pioneering personalities in the field of aviation: Dick, Henry and Maurice Farman. The Fontaine aux lions (Lion’s Fountain), made by the Creusot Foundry in 1810, and whose sculptures are modelled on those of the Saqqarah Temple in Egypt, constitutes its central point.



  • Saint-François-d’Assise Private School : 54-56, rue de l’Ancienne Mairie, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.
    Access via bus lines 126 and 175 (Ancienne Mairie).


Nearby transportation

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