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La Chapelle : the popular centre of Paris.


The Chapelle is the 72nd administrative district of Paris. It is located in the 18th arrondissement. To the south, it is bounded by Boulevard de La Chapelle and to the north, by Boulevard Périphérique. To the east, its border is marked by Rue d’Aubervilliers, and to the west by Rue Marx Dormoy as well as Rue de La Chapelle.

Quartier La Chapelle - Paris 18


This neighbourhood of the 18th arrondissement was the old village’s centre of La Chapelle. During the dark ages, it was on the road called L’Estrée, connecting Paris to Saint-Denis, which guaranteed its prosperity. The Lendit trade fair (one of the most important in France) as well as cattle trade fairs allowed La Chapelle to flourish. In the 19th century, during the industrial revolution, it went through strong demographic growth. On June 16, 1859, the extension act of Paris annexed the village, dividing it between the capital, Saint-Denis, Aubervilliers and Saint-Ouen.

Cultural sites

  • Église Saint-Denys de La Chapelle: constructed on one of the oldest roads in Paris, l’Estrée, this building was built in 1204. This parish church displays a primitive Gothic style.
  • Basilique Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc: In 1914, Father Margand agreed that if the German armies did not reach Paris, he would have a basilica established in commemoration of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc). On September 6, the day this decision was made, the Germans were stopped. After that, for several years, many sites were considered until 1922.That year, the parish priest of Saint-Denys de La Chapelle suggested that the basilica should be erected in his parish, Jeanne d’Arc having prayed there in 1429.


Local landmarks

  • La Chapelle covered market: Also called the marché de l’Olive (Olive market), because of the street that borders it (rue de l’Olive – Olive’s Street), it now houses food shops. Built between 1883 and 1888, it obtained the title of historical monument in 1982.



  • Jardins Rosa-Luxemburg: This set of covered green spaces has a surface area of 9,000 m². Created in 2014, the jardins Rosa-Luxemburg are the link between Halle Pajol, Rue Riquet and Rue Pajol. They honour the communist activist Rosa Luxemburg assassinated in Berlin in 1919, during the German revolution.
  • Square de la Madone: This garden takes its name from one of its axes, Rue de la Madone. Mainly dedicated to children games, it also has an artesian well 719 m deep at the disposal of its visitors.



  • Torcy Nursery School: 12, rue de Torcy, 75018 Paris.
    Access via metro line 12 (Marx Dormoy) and bus lines 35 (Place de Torcy) and 38 (Ordener – Marx Dormoy).
  • Guadeloupe Public Primary School: 2, rue de la Guadeloupe, 75018 Paris. Access via metro line 12 (Marx Dormoy) and bus lines 35 (Place de Torcy) and 38 (Ordener – Marx Dormoy).
  • Daniel Mayer Middle School: 2, place Hébert, 75018 Paris.
    Access via metro line 12 (Marx Dormoy) and bus lines 35 (Place Hebert) and 38 (Ordener – Marx Dormoy).


Nearby transportation

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Tramway      Tramway - Ligne 3B

Bus      Bus - Ligne 35  Bus - Ligne 45  Bus - Ligne 48  Bus - Ligne 54  Bus - Ligne 60  Bus - Ligne 239

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