16 May. 2022

Our top 3 quirky streets in Paris

Paris is a big city where the atmosphere can be totally different from one neighbourhood to another, and even from one street to another.

Here are our Top 3 quirky streets in the capital:

Rue Cremieux

Renowned for its brightly coloured facades and its vintage lampposts, this pedestrian street in the heart of the Quinze Vingt neighbourhood in the capital’s 12th District oozes with charm.

Cour Damoye 

This little-known courtyard is private but nonetheless accessible to pedestrians from 12 place de la Bastille. Fitted out by Pierre Damoye, an 18th century jeweller, it is entirely paved and oozes with a particular charm. The former workshops for craftsmen in neighbouring Faubourg Saint Antoine have now replaced by artists’ studios.

Rue Denoyez

This little alley in the 20th District’s Belleville neighbourhood is the haunt of street artists. With its original and colourful frescoes, it has almost become an outdoor art gallery!

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