06 Sep. 2022

François-Charles Favreuille’s Perfect Weekend

A walking weekend in the Somme Bay

Saturday 9 a.m.: Heading from Paris for a walk in the Parc du Marquenterre

Saturday morning, and after a two-and-a-half-hour drive to the Parc du Marquenterre it’s on with hiking boots and off to discover this superb 200-hectare ornithological park. Here, 2, 3 or 4-hour walks allow visitors to observe a very wide variety of birds, including a good number of which are migratory and come to nest here. All along the route, useful guides help you discover and recognize hundreds of remarkable birds.

Saturday 5 p.m.: Off to the hotel in Saint Valéry sur Somme

A quick 23km journey around the entire Somme Bay takes us to historic Saint Valéry sur Somme for the night. The Hotel Spa Les Corderies with its indoor swimming pool offers a welcoming moment of relaxation in a contemporary setting after the afternoon’s effort.

Sunday 10 a.m.: Discovering Saint Valéry sur Somme and a walk along the Baie de Somme

Following a hearty breakfast on the terrace overlooking a leafy garden, we set off to discover the town and its historic past. After a stroll along the Baie de Somme to observe the tide (a true spectacle), we lose ourselves in the peaceful alleys of the old town to discover the facades of beautiful residences steeped in history

Sunday 2 p.m.: Lunch in Mers les Bains before returning to Paris

Before hitting the road back to the capital, lunch and a stopover for a few hours in Mers les Bains is a must. This listed seaside resort developed in the 19th century when it became accessible by rail, and every street is a delight. Each house competes with its neighbour’s painted decorations, colorful ceramics and ornate balconies and loggias…. A real treat for photographers.


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