30 Jun. 2022

Eataly: The temple of Italian cuisine in the heart of the capital

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Almost hidden away in the capital’s 4th District’s Marais neighbourhood’s winding and historic streets is Eataly where you can choose to have your purchases cooked straight away, enjoy a delicious dish in an Italian restaurant or even learn how to cook Italian style.

A unique concept: somewhere between a restaurant, a place to be and a luxury grocery store

At Eataly you can shop in a quality Italian grocery store, take a cookery class at the Scuola, and then cook your purchases and plan to meet family or friends for a drink or dinner… all in one place.

Although a concept along the same lines has already been proven at Harrods in London, Eataly is nonetheless somewhat different. Eataly does not aim to cater mainly for tourists, but rather those who are simply curious about gourmet cuisine in general, hence the store’s tagline EAT; SHOP; LEARN.

A success story

From the beginning Eataly promoted local products and responsible producers. Founded in 2004 by Oscar Farinetti and today run by his sons, Eataly is an internationally renowned family success story, with outlets in New York, in Paris and even in Seoul.

The original store is in Turin in the heart of the Piedmont region.

Products from Turin are sent directly to the Paris store, using optimal shipping methods to keep them fresh in order to offer you the best of Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine at your fingertips: La scuola di Eataly

At La Scuola di Eataly, you may not only attend cooking classes, but also access one of the best-stocked Italian wine cellars in Paris and participate in winetasting workshops.

With Eataly, you can be sure that your private events will give your guests an original and authentic experience!

To know more :

Eataly Paris Marais

37 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie

75004 Paris

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