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Discover the Saint-Georges district - Paris 09

Saint-Georges: the cradle of romanticism .


The historical heart of the 9th arrondissement and 33rd administrative district of Paris, the Saint-Georges district is bounded to the north by Boulevard de Clichy with the Pigalle and Montmartre districts, and to the south by Rue Saint-Lazare. The Rue des Martyrs marks its eastern boundary and Rue d’Amsterdam its western boundary.

Quartier Saint Georges - Paris 09


The Saint George district was named after the sign of a tavern where the saint was seen slaying a dragon. Numerous neoclassical buildings of ancient inspiration flourished here, constituting the Nouvelle Athènes (New Athens), stronghold of the Romantic movement. In the 19th century, many famous artists and intellectuals, such as Frederick Chopin and Alexander Dumas, settled in the sumptuous buildings and hotels of the district.

Cultural sites

  • Musée de la vie romantique (Museum of Romantic Life): the Dutch-born painter Ary Scheffer set down his suitcases in this former Romantic-inspired house in the heart of the New Athens housing estate. Today, it is possible to admire his paintings and to imagine the 19th century living environment thanks to the impressive collection of furniture and period objects on display. Among them are the personal belongings of George Sand, Ary Scheffer’s neighbour.
  • Sainte-Trinité Church: built during the Second Empire by the architect Théodore Ballu to be visible from the Paris Opera House, work began in 1861 and was completed in 1867. Classified as a historical monument, the building was inspired by the artistic movement of the French and Italian Renaissance. Richly decorated, it was erected at the request of Napoleon III.


Local landmarks

The Saint-Georges district is a lively and dynamic neighbourhood where many shows, parties and theatrical performances are organised.


  • Casino de Paris: the idea for its construction emerged in 1730 when the Duke of Richelieu ordered a place entirely devoted to entertainment. Destroyed, moved, set on fire and reorganised through time, the casino was reborn from its ashes in 1891 with the organisation of a great costume party on the occasion of the Paris Carnival. Numerous artists, actors, comedians and musicians trod its stage to perform there.



Several parks are available to the inhabitants of the Saint-Georges district for strolling and resting.


  • Square Alex-Biscarre: This name refers to the Paris councillor, Alex Biscarre, to whom it pays homage. It stands in place of the former garden of the Dosne-Thiers hotel, which Mrs Dosne had donated to her future son-in-law, the President of the Republic Adolphe Thiers.
  • Square d’Estienne-d’Orves: located near the Sainte-Trinité Church and the Place d’Estienne-d’Orves, this park honours the memory of a naval officer who held important positions in the Resistance during the Second World War and who died for France.



  • Nursery school: 12, rue Clauzel, 75009 Paris.
    Access via metro lines 12 (Saint-Georges) and 7 (Le Peletier) and bus line 40 (Navarin or Gustave Toudouze).
  • Elementary school: 12, rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris.
    Access via metro lines 13 (Place de Clichy), 12 (Saint-Georges) and 2 (Pigalle) and bus line 74 (Pigalle – Chaptal).
  • Jules-Ferry High School: 77, boulevard de Clichy, 75009 Paris.
    Access via metro lines 13 and 2 (Place de Clichy) and bus lines 30, 54 and 74 (Place de Clichy – Caulaincourt).
  • Edgar-Quinet High School: 63, rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris.
    Access via metro lines 12 (Pigalle) and 7 (Cadet) and bus lines 54 and N01 (Rochechouart – Martyrs).


Nearby transportation

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