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Discover the Saint Fargeau district - Paris 20

Saint Fargeau: the highest point.


The Saint-Fargeau district is the 78th district of the capital. Located in the 20th arrondissement, it is bordered to the south and southwest by Rue Pelleport. Boulevards des Maréchaux delimit its eastern border up to Porte des Lilas, while Rue Belleville marks the end of the district to the north. To the northwest, a portion of Rue Ménilmontant and Rue Pixérécourt form the border that separates Saint-Fargeau from Ménilmontant.

Quartier Saint Fargeau - Paris 20


Saint-Fargeau was annexed to Paris around 1859, after the incorporation of Charonne and Belleville into the capital. The district takes its name from a park, the last vestige of the Saint-Fargeau castle that once belonged to Louis-Michel Lepeletier de Saint-Fargeau. This castle is also called the Ménilmontant castle.

Cultural sites

  • Réservoir de Belleville (Belleville Reservoir): Commissioned shortly after the Ménilmontant reservoir, in 1866, this is an annexe reservoir built by Eugène Belgrand with a final capacity of 18,000 m3. Built in 3 years (between 1862 and 1865), a steam engine had to be installed to pump and convey the water from the Ménilmontant reservoir to it.
  • TARMAC – The international Francophone scene: Formerly known as the Théâtre de l’Est Parisien, this theatre is dedicated to French creation.


Local landmarks

  • Réservoir du Ménilmontant (Ménilmontant Reservoir): One of the main reservoirs of Paris, it was built in 1865 by Eugène Belgrand. Located near the Telegraph, it has a storage capacity of around 95,000 m3. Today it is supplied by the Joinville-le-Pont treatment plant and supplies 15% of the Parisian population. It is located at the highest point of Paris to ensure a better redistribution of water.



  • Square Emmanuel-Fleury: The lush vegetation of this space allows visitors to relax among the poplars and their silvery foliage, cherry blossoms, a gigantic sequoia and a magnificent tulip tree.
  • Square Séverine: This park is named after the writer and journalist Caroline Rémy, whose pen name was Séverine. Created in 1933, it was, however, renovated in 2017, which made it possible, among other things, to redo the driveway and enlarge the lawns.



  • Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Primary and Middle School: 16, rue Taclet, 75020 Paris.
    Access via metro line 11 (Télégraphe) and bus lines 60 (Borrego) and 26 (Pyrénées – Ménilmontant).
  • Françoise Dolto Middle School: 354, rue des Pyrénées, 75020 Paris.
    Access via metro line 11 (Pyrénées) and bus line 26 (Pyrénées – Belleville).


Nearby transportation

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Bus      Bus - Ligne 20  Bus - Ligne 26  Bus - Ligne 60  Bus - Ligne 61  Bus - Ligne 64  Bus - Ligne 96  Bus - Ligne 102  Bus Noctilien - Ligne N16  Bus Noctilien - Ligne 34

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