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Discover the Pont de Flandre district - Paris 19

Pont de Flandre: an association of gardens and art.


Located in the 19th arrondissement, the Pont-de-Flandre district is the 74th administrative district of Paris. It is bounded by the Avenue Jean Jaurès to the south and the town of Pantin to the east. The gates of Aubervilliers and La Villette mark its borders to the north and the streets of Ourcq and Aubervilliers to the west.

Quartier Pont de Flandre - Paris 19


The Pont-de-Flandre became a district of Paris after the annexation of the commune of la Villette by the capital according to the law of 16 June 1859. Here, between the Canal de l’Ourcq, the Route d’Allemagne (now known as Avenue Jean-Jaurès) and the fortified walls of Thiers, a cattle market and the capital’s slaughterhouses were held. Once the area was bought by Paris, buildings were constructed by the architect Louis-Adolphe Janvier, who based his design on the preliminary projects of his colleague Victor Baltard.

Cultural sites

  • Grande Halle de la Villette: one of the last remnants of the former slaughterhouses, this building became a historical monument in 1979. Today, it is a cultural park where urban arts are exhibited.
  • Théâtre Paris – Villette: created in 1972, when the slaughterhouses were still in operation, this theatre was called Théâtre Présent. Its name was changed to the one we know today in 1986.
  • Fontaine du Château d’eau: also known as Fontaine aux lions de Nubie (the Nubian Lions Fountain) or Fontaine de Bondy (Bondy Fountain), it was built in 1811 and certified as a historical monument in 1979.
  • Zénith Paris – La Villette: this large concert hall, inaugurated in 1984, has a maximum capacity of 6,804 seats. Many artists come to perform in this venue.


Local landmarks

  • Parc de la Villette: created in 1987 on the former slaughterhouses of the commune of La Villette, it covers 55 hectares and has 33 green spaces. It is the largest park in the capital.



The Pont-de-Flandre district has a very large number of small gardens to visit. Each one offers a unique landscape. In the imposing Parc de la Villette you will find:


  • Jardin des îles ;
  • Jardin de la Treille ;
  • Jardin des Miroirs;
  • Jardin du Dragon.

But while strolling around the district, it is possible to discover other surprises.


  • Jardin Curial: to the west of the Parc de la Villette, this green space is the result of the collaboration between the 4,500 inhabitants who lived in the Résidence Michelet. Here, rose bushes bloom to prevent autumn, shrubs adorn the edges of the garden and decorative trees are planted here and there: abelia, rockrose, Japanese quince and many others.



  • Barbanègre Nursery School: 8, rue Barbanègre, 75019 Paris. Access via metro lines 5 (Ourcq) and 7 (Corentin Cariou).
  • Barbanègre Primary School: 7, rue Barbanègre, 75019 Paris. Access via metro lines 5 (Ourcq) and 7 (Corentin Cariou).
  • Edgar-Varèse Middle School: 16, rue Adolphe Mille, 75019 Paris. Access via metro line 5 (Porte de Pantin).


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