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The Petit Montrouge district, located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, is the 55th administrative district of the French capital. It is bounded to the north by Rue Daguerre and Boulevard Saint-Jacques, to the south by Boulevard Romain Rolland, to the east by Rue de la Tombe Issoire and to the west by Avenue de la Porte de Châtillon, Rue des Plantes and Rue Gassendi. It is also close to the commune of Montrouge.

Quartier Petit Montrouge - Paris 14


Originally, Montrouge was a commune divided into two parts, the Grand-Montrouge, which is now the commune of Montrouge, and the Petit Montrouge, which became a district of Paris when the 14th arrondissement was created in 1860. Also known as the “Alesia district”, the Petit Montrouge district takes its name from its geographical origins and the commune of Montrouge.

Cultural sites

  • Catacombes de Paris (Paris catacombs): these former underground galleries were transformed into a municipal ossuary at the end of the 18th century. They took the name “catacombs” in 1861, in reference to the underground necropolises of ancient Rome, although they never served as burial sites. They are 1.7 km long and can be visited.
  • Saint-Pierre de Montrouge Church: located at 82 avenue du Général Leclerc, this neo-Romanesque church was built between 1863 and 1872 on the plans of Joseph Auguste.
  • Pont sur la Petite Ceinture: the project of “La Petite Ceinture” was born during the second part of the 19th century. Now abandoned, the 32-kilometre long railway line around Paris is still visible in some places, notably in the Petit Montrouge district.


Local landmarks

A commercial and residential district, the Petit Montrouge district is a historical and pleasant area to live in. It includes emblematic sites but also commercial arteries.


  • Rue Daguerre: partly pedestrian, Rue Daguerre is a shopping street in the Petit Montrouge district. The Studio Daguerre at number 51, the famous photo studio where Helmut Newton, Jean-François Lepage and Peter Lindberg passed by.
  • Villas: these streets in the Petit Montrouge district, whether public or private, offer a picturesque and bucolic spectacle. Villa d’Alésia is the most famous of them but the Villas Hallé and Adrienne, although private, are a good example of the beauty of the district.



  • Square du Serment de Koufra: it is accessible by metro line 4 (Porte d’Orléans) and by bus line 92 (Porte d’Orléans).



  • Sarrette Nursery School: 34, Rue Sarrette, 75014 Paris.
    Access via metro line 4 (Porte d’Orléans) and bus lines 513 (Prisse d’Avennes) and 92 (Alésia – Général Leclerc).


Nearby transportation

Métro      Métro - Ligne 4

Bus      Bus - Ligne 38  Bus - Ligne 59  Bus - Ligne 68  Bus - Ligne 88  Bus - Ligne 92  Bus - Ligne 216  Bus Noctilien - Ligne N14  Bus Noctilien - Ligne N21

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