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Discover the Notre Dame des Champs district - Paris 06

Notre-Dame-des-Champs is the 23rd administrative neighbourhood located in the Parisian 6th arrondissement.

It is bounded to the east by Boulevard Saint-Michel, to the west by Rue de Rennes, to the south by Boulevard du Montparnasse and to the north by Rue Notre-Dame des Champs and Rue Vavin. It covers an area of 86.1 ha. Many establishments and institutions are located there, making it the district of junior executives. Notre-Dame-des-Champs is a lively neighbourhood and is much sought-after by tourists.



Notre-Dame-des-Champs is a religious neighbourhood with many churches and was for a long time the district of convents. It owes its name to the parish church that serves it and bears itself the name of Notre-Dame-des-Champs. This church is located in Rue Saint-Jacques, near Val-de-Grâce. It is the building where the Carmelite Convent was established in 1604. Rue Chemin-Herbu, currently called Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, used to lead to this priory.

In 1858, a wooden church named Notre-Dame-des-Planches was built. It was a temporary church that was used until 1876. The Construction of Notre-Dame-Des-Champs Parish Church began in 1867 and was opened for worship in 1876. This church was built in Romanesque style by the architect Ginain. It is characterised by its esoteric and beautiful murals, its fourteen paintings of the Stations of the Cross, the Saint-Joseph chapel in the northern transept, the Sacré-Cœur chapel in the southern transept and the twenty-two panels in the church’s nave and choir at the second elevation.


Cultural sites

  • The remains of a Roman temple dedicated to the cult of the god Mercury near Notre-Dame-des-Champs church,
  • Saint-Ignace Church (Paris), 33 rue de Sèvres. This neo-gothic-style church was built in 1855. It is a large chapel dedicated to Saint Ignatius of Loyola.
  • Saint-Joseph-des-Cannes Catholic Church, located within the Carnes Seminary, in Rue de Vaugirard. It was built in 1620 upon the request of Pope Paul V. It is the first church dedicated to Saint Joseph,
  • Musée Hébert (85 Rue du Cherche-Midi) was created in 1978 and is dedicated to the French painter Ernest Hébert.
  • Musée Zadkine (rue d’Assas) bears the name of the Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine. 400 sculptures and 500 works on paper are exhibited in this museum near jardin de Luxembourg.
  • Théâtre du vieux colombier, rue du vieux-Colombier. It was created in 1913 by Jacques Copeau.
  • Théâtre de Poche Montparnasse, boulevard du Montparnasse. It is a small theatre with only 60 seats.


Local landmarks

  • Rotonde of 105 Boulevard du Montparnasse is both a café and a brewery. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was patronised by many artists and famous personalities such as Pablo Picasso, Moïse Kisling, Amedeo Modigliani, André Salmon, etc.
  • Closerie des Lilas is a café, restaurant and brewery at the eastern end of Boulevard du Montparnasse. Its history is closely linked to that of French literature.



  • Garden of the enclosure of Saint-Joseph-des-Cannes Catholic Church. It is home to lemon balm plantation, a plant with incomparable therapeutic power.
  • Square Ozanam covering an area of 1,640m2. There are chestnut trees, an orange tree from Mexico, an indigo tree, a laurel from Portugal, honeysuckle, hazelnuts, tamarins, buddleias inter alia plants and species.



  • Delambre Nursery School, located at 24 rue Delambre, accessible on foot from Gare Montparnasse via Rue d’Odessa.
  • Delambre Elementary School located at 24 rue Delambre, 5 minutes on foot from Gare Montparnasse via Rue d’Odessa.
  • Paul Bert Middle School located at 8 rue Paul Bert in 8 rue Huyghens, accessible by metro line 4 from Gare Montparnasse, get off at Vavin station.


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