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Discover the Maison Blanche district - Paris 13

Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the Maison Blanche district is the 51st administrative district of the capital. It is bordered to the north by Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, to the east by Avenue de Choisy, to the south by the communes of Kremlin-Bicêtre and Gentilly and to the west by Rue de l’Amiral-Marchez and Rue de la Santé.

Quartier Maison Blanche - Paris 13


The Maison Blanche district takes its name from a hamlet where Maison Blanche metro station now stands. The northern part of the district was attached to the city of Paris in 1860 and before that it belonged to the commune of Gentilly. The Butte aux Cailles area in the north of the Maison Blanche district was at that time covered with meadows, mills and quarries. These quarries were used to fill in the valley and cover the Bièvre river.

Cultural sites

  • Sainte-Anne-De-La-Butte-Aux-Cailles Church (formerly Sainte-Anne de la Maison-Blanche)


Local landmarks

Transformed from a rural hamlet to an industrial district, Maison Blanche has a rich history. A quiet district today, it is full of unusual hidden alleys and greenery.


  • Piscine de la Butte Aux Cailles: located at 5 Place Paul Verlaine, the Butte aux Cailles swimming pool is one of the oldest swimming pools in Paris. It was built after the discovery in 1866 of warm groundwater. The face of the building is made of red bricks, an unusual material in Paris for this type of establishment, in an Art Nouveau style. Its interior consists of a concrete vault supported by seven light arches.
  • Cité Florale: “floral city” was built in 1928 on an old meadow regularly flooded by the Bièvre river. It is a tiny neighbourhood located in the south of the Maison Blanche district. Each house has its own garden. The tree-lined streets are paved and bear the name of a flower.
  • Rue Dieulafoy: this paved street is home to 44 little houses identical in shape but all a different pastel colour. It is the most picturesque street in the Maison Blanche district.
  • Petite Alsace: located on Rue Daviel, this hamlet was built in 1912 under the authority of the architect Jean Walter. It includes about forty half-timbered houses as we are used to seeing in Alsace. It is also known as the “Cité Daviel”.



  • Jardin Brassaï: located at 2 Rue Eugène Atget, these gardens are named after the famous French photographer Brassaï. This unusual park is surprisingly located on a downhill slope.
  • Square Henri Rousselle: located at 6 Rue Paul Verlaine, these gardens were named after Henri Rousselle, president of the Seine department’s General Council at the beginning of the 20th century.



  • L’Espérance Nursery School: 12 Rue de l’Espérance, 75013 Paris.
    Access via metro line 6 (Corvisart) and bus line 62 (Vergniaud).
  • Moulin Des Prés Secondary School: 18 Rue du Moulin des Prés, 75013 Paris.
    Access via metro line 6 (Corvisart) and bus lines 57 and 67 (Verlaine).


Nearby transportation

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Bus      Bus - Ligne 21  Bus - Ligne 57  Bus - Ligne 67  Bus - Ligne 64  Bus - Ligne 67  Bus - Ligne 184

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