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Discover the Faubourg du Roule district - Paris 08

The Faubourg du Roule is the 30th Parisian administrative neighbourhood. It is located in the current 8th neighbourhood of Paris.

The Faubourg-du-Roule neighbourhood covers an area of 79.6 ha with a population density of 12,611 inhabitants /km2. From northwest to southeast, it is bounded by Place de Charles de Gaulle, Avenue des Champs-Elysées, from the roundabout to Avenue Matignon. The boundary of this district continues to Rue de Courcelles via Boulevard de Courcelles, then to the Place des Ternes, Avenue Wagram and ends up to Place Charles de Gaulle or Place de l’Etoile. Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré is a central axis, which subdivides the neighbourhood into two parts.



In the past, the Faubourg-du-Roule neighbourhood was a village grouping together three hamlets around Saint-Philippe-du-Roule church, in the current Place des Ternes and ville d’Evêque. These three small villages were united into one neighbourhood in 1639. The first reference to Village du Roule can be found in the charters of the 13th century. Around 1200, the Corporation of Coin Makers in Paris bought a house in this village to house and treat inhabitants suffering from leprosy.

Soon after, Paris’s former bishop authorised them to build a chapel. In the Middle Ages, the central road from Saint-Honoré church to Roule bridge was called Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré and became Chemin de Roule. The Village du Roule, which then had two hamlets, was built along this road. In 1552, the Roule would represent at the same time a village, a neighbourhood and a parish built for the first time according to Truschet and Hoyau’s design.


Cultural sites

  • The Saint-Philippe-du-Roule Church is built in the 18th century. It is a neoclassical style church, classified as a historical monument. Its interior constitutes a very beautiful heritage: stained glass windows, rose window, reliquaries, statues, the Cross way in bas-relief…
  • The Russian Orthodox Church – Saint-Alexandre- Nevsky Cathedral immerses its visitors into the Imperial Russia. It was built in 1860 under Napoleon III.
  • The Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild is a showpiece installed in Faubourg du Roule neighbourhood. Its construction was completed in 1882. It is classified as a historical monument.


Local landmarks

  • Renault’s workshop and exhibition space, 53 Avenue des Champs Elysées for racing and touristic car fans.
  • Salons Hoche, a legendary place, which has been dedicated to celebrations for a century.



  • Jardin de l’hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, a calm oasis near the Arc of Place Charles de Gaulle.
  • Fontaine des Ambassadeurs or Fontaine de Vénus in the Champs Elysées yards is the architect Jacques-Ignace Hittorff’s work
  • Square Jean Perrin, a beautiful park dating from 1840 to pay tribute to the chemist Jean Perrin, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1926.



  • Paul Baudry comprehensive nursery school, located at 10 rue Paul Baudry. Accessible by metro line 9 at Franklin Roosevelt station, get off at Saint-philippe du Roule. The school is also accessible on foot via rue Marignan.
  • Paul Baudry comprehensive elementary school, located at 10 rue Paul Baudry. Accessible by metro line 9 at Franklin Roosevelt station, get off at Saint-philippe du Roule. The school is also accessible on foot via rue Marignan.


Nearby transportation

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