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Discover the Croulebarbe district - Paris 13

52nd administrative district in Paris, Croulebarbe neighbourhood is one of the four neighbourhoods forming the 13th arrondissement in the capital. To the north, it is bounded by Boulevard de Port-Royal, to the south by Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, to the east by Avenue des Gobelins and to the west by Rue de la Santé.

Quartier Courlebarbe - Paris 13


Croulebarbe neighbourhood takes its name from Croulebarbe family and its founder, Jean Croulebarbe, who, at the beginning of the 13th century, owned vineyards and mills on these lands. Originally, Croulebarbe hamlet depended on Gentilly municipality. This suburb was annexed to Paris under Louis XV. Neighbourhood wealth is due to both its industrial and rural heritage.

Cultural sites

  • L’îlot de la Reine Blanche (white queen island): L’îlot de la Reine Blanche is a group of buildings classified as historical monuments since 1980. It derives its name from the fact that widowed queens used to dress in white. It was built at the instigation of Queen Marguerite de Provence in 1290.
  • La Cité Fleurie (the flowered city): Located in Boulevard Arago in Croulebarbe neighbourhood, la Cité Fleurie is a group of artists’ workshops. About thirty workshops were built using materials from Pavillon de l’Alimentation (Food Pavilion) built as part of the 1878 Universal Exhibition. Artists such as Paul Gauguin, Amedeo Modigliani or Henri Laurens lived there at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Albert Tower: Built between 1958 and 1960, Albert Tower located at 33 rue Croulebarbe is the first skyscraper in Paris.


Local landmarks

Croulebarbe neighbourhood bears witness to a cultural and architectural heritage. Previously, it was land of vineyards and mills, then an industrial town upon the arrival of upholsterers, dyers and other brewers,


  • La Manufacture des Gobelins (Goblin Factory): The tapestry factory located at 42 avenue des Gobelins was founded in 1601. Open to the public, the famous factory workshops continue to leave their mark in the tapestry history throughout the world.



  • Square René-Le Gall: Not far from Gobelins factory, along rue Croulebarbe, this yard is located on the site of upholsterers former vegetable garden of Croulebarbe. This urban park was created in 1938, its stands and obelisk make it unusual.



  • Croulebarbe public nursery school: 5, Rue de Croulebarbe, 75013 Paris. Accessible by metro lines 6 (Corvisart) and 7 (Les Gobelins) and by bus line 59 (Banquier).
  • Paul Gervais public nursery school: 2, Rue Paul Gervais, 75013 Paris. Accessible by metro line 6 (Corvisart).
  • Rodin middle and secondary school: 19, Rue Corvisart, 75013 Paris. Accessible by metro line 6 (Corvisart).
  • Vulpian public elementary school: 13, Rue Vulpian, 75013 Paris. Accessible by metro line 6 (Glacière) and bus line 83 (Glacière – Arago).
  • Léon-Maurice Nordmann elementary school: 140, Rue Léon-Maurice Nordmann, 75013 Paris.
    Accessible by metro line 6 (Glacière) and bus line 59 (Arago -Santé).


Nearby transportation

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Bus      Bus - Ligne 27   Bus - Ligne 47  Bus - Ligne 57  Bus - Ligne 59  Bus - Ligne 67  Bus - Ligne 83  Bus - Ligne 91

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