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Discover the Batignolles district - Paris 17

Batignolles: a cultural neighbourhood.


Batignolles is the 67th administrative district in Paris. It area is located in the 17th arrondissement of the capital. To the south, it is bounded by Boulevard des Batignolles. To the east, it is separated from Épinettes neighbourhood by avenue de Clichy and Rue des Dames, Rue Lemercier and Rue Cardinet t. To the north, Boulevard des Maréchaux marks its boundary. To the west, Tocqueville Street distinguishes it from Plaine-de-Monceaux neighbourhood.

Quartier Batignolles - Paris 17


Initially, Batignolles were the property of the blessed women in Montmartre, and were used as a hunting reserve by royal officers. After the Revolution, the area became a small village. In 1830, this village and the one of Monceau obtained their independence from Clichy town and formed Batignolles-Monceau municipality. It was attached to Paris in 1860. This annexation led to the neighbourhood growth. For a long time, it remained popular and has been undergoing gentrification since the 2000s.

Cultural sites

  • Sainte-Marie des Batignolles church: it was built in 1828, and named for the first time in 1830, once the creation of Batignolles-Monceau municipality, independent of Clichy, had been approved. This building was classified as a historical monument in 1975.
  • Theatre Hébertot: Inaugurated in 1838, this theatre has two halls, a large one with 630 seats and a smaller one with 110 seats. First called Théâtre des Batignolles, it then became theatre des Arts before having the current name in 1940. It has been listed as a historical monument since 1974.
  • Cinéma des cinéastes (Filmmakers’ Cinema): Originally a cabaret, it was then a coffeehouse before becoming a cinema. Called l’Éden, les Mirages, then Pathé Clichy. Cinéma des cinéastes was founded in 1996. Today, its programming is based on “Art et Essai”.


Local landmarks

  • Clichy-Batignolles – Martin-Luther-King Park: Named in tribute to Martin Luther King, it has been open since 2008. Initially covering an area of 4.3 hectares, it has been expanded to 2.2 hectares since 2014. Between skatepark, basketball court, tennis tables and bowling pitch, this park gives its visitors many sources of entertainment. And it is not over yet: 3.5 new hectares are planned for 2020. Its final surface area should reach 10 hectares.



  • Square des Batignolles: Inspired by English gardens appreciated by Napoleon III, it holds many surprises for visitors: a cave, a waterfall, a river or a miniature lake. It also contains four of the largest plane trees in Paris, one of them is 38 metres high.



  • Saussure Nursery School: 48, rue de Saussure, 75017 Paris. Accessible by metro lines 2 (Rome) and 3 (Villiers) and line L (Pont Cardinet) of the Transilien.
  • Jouffroy primary school: 20, rue Jouffroy d’Abbans, 75017 Paris. Accessible by metro lines 2 (Villiers) and 3 (Malesherbes), bus line 31 (Jouffroy d’Abbans – Tocqueville) and line L (Pont Cardinet) of the Transilien.
  • La Rose Blanche middle school: 34, rue Georges Picquart, 75017 Paris. Accessible by line L (Pont Cardinet) of the Transilien, line T3b (Porte d’Asnières – Marguerite Long) of the tramway and line 31 (Pont Cardinet) of the bus.


Nearby transportation

Métro      Métro - Ligne 2  Métro - Ligne 3  Métro - Ligne 13

Tramway      Tramway - Ligne 3B

Bus      Bus - Ligne 30  Bus - Ligne 31  Bus - Ligne 54  Bus - Ligne 66  Bus - Ligne 74  Bus - Ligne 94  Bus - Ligne 163  Bus - Ligne 528

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