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Discover the Rue des Huissiers and its surroundings - Neuilly-sur-Seine

The surroundings of Rue des Huissiers: the centre of Neuilly-sur-Seine.


If Neuilly-sur-Seine does not strictly speaking have a town centre, Rue des Huissiers and its surroundings play the role of a town centre. This street is indeed located in the heart of the city, sloping down slightly to the south to Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle. To the north, Avenue Achille-Peretti is also a major axis, while the town hall, located two streets away, proves its central position.

Quartier Rue des Huissiers - Neuilly-sur-Seine


The area around Rue des Huissiers remained uncultivated for a long time and was mainly used for the military reviews organised by the monarchy or as a laundry drying space. The layout of the current Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle contributed to the neighbourhood prosperity between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. The number of houses between Rue des Huissiers and Porte Maillot increased from two to 130 in 40 years. Near Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, an annual fair was set up, which reinforced the neighbourhood attractiveness, now central between Paris and La Défense.

Cultural sites

  • Saint-Pierre Church: built in 1897, it bears witness to the neighbourhood’s population growth in the 19th century, in industrial era peak. A rich industrialist widow gave the land on which it stands. Despite its size, it is characterised by its non-completion: the exterior sculptures were never completed.
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church: the first church was built in 1570 and was regularly considered too small, but was demolished and rebuilt several times. The present building is sober and follows a basilical plan. The clock that it carries on its pediment comes from the Château de Bagatelle.


Local landmarks

  • Neuilly-sur-Seine Town hall: the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine was transferred to several buildings before being installed in this building built from 1882 to 1885 according to the plans of Victor Dutocq and Charles Simonet, after an architectural competition whose winner stepped aside. The town hall shows a neo-Renaissance style very typical of the 3rd Republic. Its interior decoration was carried out by local artists.



  • Square Jean-Mermoz: located just around the town hall, this park offers a small area of shade and vegetation between the two main axes, Boulevard Jean-Mermoz and Avenue Achille-Peretti.
  • Jardin Jeanne-d’Arc : developed around the Jeanne-d’Arc statue in front of the Saint-Pierre church, this garden offers the walker trimmed bushes, wooden or stone benches and two paths in a calm and intimate atmosphere.



  • Poissonniers Nursery school: 11, rue des Poissonniers, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. Access via bus lines 43, 175, 82 (rue de l’Église) and 73 (Les Graviers) and metro line 1 (Pont de Neuilly).
  • Achille-Peretti Nursery School: 92, avenue Achille-Peretti, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. Access via bus lines 43, 82 and 174 (Église Saint-Pierre).
  • Poissonniers Primary School: 15, rue des Poissonniers, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. Access via bus lines 43, 175, 82 (rue de l’Église) and 73 (Les Graviers) and metro line 1 (Pont de Neuilly).


Nearby transportation

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