10 Jul. 2022

Investing in real estate today

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With the turmoil and economic uncertainty created during and following the Covid-19 crisis, a question keeps coming back… Is an investment in real estate a good option today? Find out what we think at District Immobilier.

Investing in real estate: a safe bet in all circumstances

Should alarm bells ring when it comes to investing in real estate today? Our reply is simple: the answer is no. An excellent way to safeguard your savings, real estate has always held its own during past economic crises and has repeatedly proved itself to be a safe haven.

Prepare your project real estate investment carefully

Preparation is essential, and all the more so in the current context. If you are considering investing in real estate, don’t hesitate to call upon the expertise of District Immobilier, a company that places customer satisfaction at the top of its goals.

Buy to rent: a guarantee of long-term income

Invest wisely, and meet 3 essential criteria which, though seemingly evident, are on occasions overlooked:

  • the location of the asset: target an area where rental demand is strong
  • the cost of housing: for your investment to be profitable, opt for an asset whose rent will cover a significant slice of the credit and the charges;
  • Added resale value: don’t forget that you may wish to later sell a rental investment

Paris: the preferred city for investing in real estate today

The balance of power is clearly in favour of owners, with a very strong demand in the capital both for long and short-term rentals. An investment in real estate in Paris is a safe bet, and you should have no trouble renting your asset.

Figures recently published by INSEE are categorical: Paris and the suburbs are increasingly attractive with all signals green, both demographically or economically.

The rental price per sqm continues to rise, driven by strong rental demand.

A near certain capital gain on resale

If entering the Parisian real estate market can sometimes seem daunting owing to prices, the exit process on the other hand is a much smoother ride!

To make your project a success, trust District Immobilier. Our team of real estate specialists in Paris is at your disposal to provide you with all the help and advice you need to make your project become a reality, in your best interests and in complete confidentiality.

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