22 Nov. 2021

Discover our District Ile Saint Louis agency and lifestyle in the neighbourhood

The District Ile Saint Louis team shares its daily life and lifestyle in the neighbourhood

  • Morning coffee

The first to arrive is charged with launching the Nespresso machine!

Some days coffee is accompanied by hot croissants from the Tour d’Argent bakery, just across the Tournelles bridge.

Sometimes we add a takeaway coffee from the Les Fous de l’Ile restaurant.

 A quick stroll in historic Paris to remind us how lucky we are to work in such a beautiful place!

  • Lunch break

We often have lunch at the agency, a welcome break and a chance to mingle with the team and share news.

  • Ideas for walks

The neighbourhood is obviously great by foot.

The banks of the Seine, a stone’s throw from the agency, offer a change of scenery without going far and for the more adventurous,

bridges and landmarks are ten-a-penny.



  • Cultural activities in the neighbourhood

Saint-Louis Church is well worth a visit, as are the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and the many art galleries in the neighbourhood.

The Ile Saint-Louis boasts many architectural gems,

Among them the little-known hôtel des archevêques de Sens, a 15th century private mansion located in the 4th District. Listed, it now hosts the Forney library which is dedicated to decorative arts and crafts.

The Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière is also well worth a visit. Shops and boutiques…

  • Shops and boutiques…

We often go to the local grocer right next to the agency, to the Le Louis IX bistro and to the Le Saint-Louis tobacconist in rue des Deux Ponts. Not forgetting Berthillon ice creams… irresistible!

The list is long…

Dyptique, La Belle Lurette, Shakespeare and Co, the Izraël grocery and the Gardil butcher shop… to name but a few.

  • What’s best about working at this agency?

Here there is the impression of a village in the heart of Paris, and we are a team that knows each other pretty well and work well together.

  • The specificities of being a real estate agency in this district

The Île Saint-Louis is unique, and we know most of its inhabitants.

It’s a micro-market with some of the wealthiest clients in the capital, if not the world.

An interesting contrast, both homely and resolutely up-market, the neighbourhood demands excellence and is particularly stimulating.

  • What we love about the neighbourhood

Its unique atmosphere

When the weather is good, the neighbourhood feels like a little provincial village. It is close-knit… and paradoxically with its fair share of celebrities.

It could be described as “dream Paris”… it certainly is to us!!!

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